Thank you for visiting myEfolio. My name is Bradley Rhodes and I live in South Bend, IN. I started my journey at John Adams High School where I was just an average high schooler in ready for his next chapter in life. When I started filling out college applications, I realized all I need to do was fill out one. That, one was for Holy Cross College. This is a place where I announce my completions at Holy Cross College. I am currently a Fifth Year Senior at Holy Cross College with an expected graduation date of May 11th, 2013. At Holy Cross I was able to conquer the many challenges that were presented to me each semester.

As a full-time student, and a full-time employee at a local retailer, finding the time for both was always hard. I have always felt more concentrated on my job because of the success that I have always had there.  When we speak of traditional vs. non-traditional students we think differently. There are the students who have the ability to manage school, and no work. There are those who can be involved into every aspect the school has to offer, without worrying about a job. I on the other hand, that's all I worried about. 

At Holy Cross you have to be involved with The Four Pillars and understand the Core Competencies very well. Being a commuter to school, I rarely saw my opportunity to interact with On-Campus events. When the events were taking place, I was working. The days I didn't have school, I worked. I was working and studying 24/7. All I initially went to Holy Cross for was to get a degree. Once I realized how these events could change my outcome on life, in conjunction with the social teachings of Catholicism, I began to listen and explore. 

I've used every opportunity I can to shape and build who I am while studying at Holy Cross College. What I have become today, was because of the five years spent here. The staff, faculty and students have the dedication I wish I could've towards school. However, when experiencing The Four Pillars, I can assure, who I am tomorrow, is not who I am today.

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